TDi: The Dragonfly InitiativeTDi: The Dragonfly Initiative

About TDi Sustainability

TDi Sustainability is a global consultancy that helps businesses the world over to be more sustainable. ‘TDi’ stands for The Dragonfly Initiative because, just like these magnificent creatures, we boast a 360-degree vision of what it really takes for organisations to attain sustainability across the length and breadth of their value chains.

From artisanal mine to multinational corporation, we use our expertise to build responsible supply chains that work for people, for business and for the planet. Our in-depth understanding of sectors and corresponding regulation is recognised as industry-leading.

Encompassing a full suite of sustainability support, from detailed auditing and research to strategic planning and industry-leading digital data tools – our services help clients create a positive social, economic and environmental impact on both upstream communities and downstream end users.

Our small team of specialist practitioners based around the globe brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge. Whether boots on the ground or suits in the boardroom, TDi is a valuable partner for customers who embrace the need to empower and communicate responsible sourcing and fully integrate sustainability across their organisation.

Meet the TDi Sustainability Team