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Keep pace with the demand for reporting

Mining companies are becoming overwhelmed by the continual stream of ESG and sustainability questionnaires from investors, credit rating agencies, regulators and downstream OEMs. The requirement to report against the dozens of international standards and assurance frameworks can prove bewildering. The rapid uptick in expectations around climate change action, reporting and disclosure is proving hard to keep up with, let alone put in place the practices needed to meet daunting targets. 

Recent policy changes in Europe and the US around critical and conflict minerals will only increase the pressure on companies to prove responsible operating practices, some of which have often been in place for many years. Given the increasing reliance on extracted minerals across modern society, this surge in due diligence can make mines feel unfairly targeted and misunderstood.

Manage the challenge with
a comprehensive strategy

TDi Sustainability understands both the upstream concerns and the downstream need for information. We provide a conduit for the supply chain, helping to bridge the trust gap and facilitate the necessary flow of evidence. 

We work closely with mining companies to develop a comprehensive ESG operating and reporting strategy. Our experience in helping to build industry standards and conduct audits brings intimate knowledge of what’s needed to convey the right information. Using a tested six-step methodology, we pull the different aspects of an organisation under the same integrated strategy. 

The choice of operating standards, assurance frameworks and certifications is vast. With their encyclopaedic knowledge, our team have led, advised and supported the design and development of many sustainability standards and codes in the extractives and other natural resource sectors, including Copper Mark, Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, Towards Better Mining, the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, Lead Battery 360, Responsible Commodities, World Gold Council standard and many more. We help mining companies to understand these and decide whether to apply them – and then implement them and monitor their performance. TDi can help you prepare for audit and due diligence.

Social license to operate 

Stakeholder materiality is high priority for any successful mine. Maintaining that social licence to operate – under the constant gaze of international NGOs that are determined to stand up to mining – presents an ongoing challenge. TDi Sustainability are experts in building and maintaining relationships between big and small mining neighbours and resolving local conflict. 

Our Impact Facility assists clients in making a positive impact within local communities. We help to foster the co-existence of large and artisanal mining, working directly with organisations in Africa and South America. By understanding local needs and motivations, we assess the policies and strategies to engage with neighbours, set a path for peaceful interaction and find partners to develop the capacity of artisanal miners. 

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Raul Farfan is Head of Mining at TDi Sustainability

Raul Farfan

Head of Mining at TDI Sustainability