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Navigating the Carbon Market

TDi Sustainability offers comprehensive expertise in the regulatory compliance and voluntary carbon markets to help companies navigate the complexities of this rapidly evolving sector.

Transparent and Effective Offsetting: TDi remains at the forefront of the rapid growth in corporate engagement with offsetting which has accelerated the voluntary carbon markets sector, enabling organisations to demonstrate a representative reduction in their emissions, where actual emissions reductions may remain impractical. 

Data and Analytics: We help companies gain access to effective data and analytics, so crucial to measure and scale carbon markets effectively, as well as to navigate the increase in legislation, governance and regulations that are beginning to shape the sector.

Community Engagement Strategies: Our expertise in human rights strategies and Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) can help ensure that carbon trading and offsetting activities contribute positively to local and indigenous communities on the ground, at the heart of carbon management projects. 

Finance and Investment: Working closely with the investment and finance industries, TDi can help organisations gain the data and strategy planning needed to ensure transparency, credibility and long-term sustainability of new carbon market investments.

Current Trends in the Carbon Markets

Carbon offsetting by investing in projects that reduce, avoid, or remove greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere has become increasingly nuanced as the carbon markets sector evolves, with a rising demand to prove transparency and effectiveness, as well as to ensure local communities benefit from carbon trading activities affecting their lands.

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

As sustainability disclosure standards become more stringent, companies and investors are now required to ensure their carbon credits are verifiable and contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emission reductions.



Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) in developing countries, and promoting forest conservation, sustainable management and enhancement of forest carbon stocks.

Indigenous Peoples' Rights

FPIC (Free, Prior and Informed Consent)

Applying the principle of FPIC, acknowledging the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities to give or withhold consent for projects affecting their lands.

Emissions Reduction

Demonstrating emissions reduction and ensuring compliance with evolving sustainability regulations. This includes aligning carbon trading activities with broader sustainability objectives.

TDi Services for Carbon Market and Offsetting Organisations

TDi’s Services Supporting the Carbon Markets Sector Include:

Audits, Assessments and Due Diligence

Our access to a global network of compliance professionals means we can cover all industries at all tiers of the value chain, from mine to retail. Learn more…

ESG Risk Management

Our ESG Risk Management service provides tools and guidance for tracking, assessing and mitigating identified risks. Learn more…

Community Engagement Strategies

Engaging with local communities, especially Indigenous groups, can be complex and sensitive. Our community engagement services help organisations navigate this process while upholding legal regulations and respecting Indigenous rights. Learn more…

Human Rights Strategies and Impact Assessments

Leveraging our human rights strategies and human rights impact assessments (HRIAs), companies can ensure compliance with sustainable business regulations. Learn more…

Communication Strategies and Technical Writing

All our futures depend on understanding how change is possible. The TDi communications team is here to help you get that message across with real impact. Learn more…

Improving Whole Industries

TDi creates initiatives and ESG standards that bring businesses at the heart of an industry together to improve collectively – ensuring operations and practices positively impact the environment, economy, and society.

Drive Sustainability

In partnership with industry-leading companies, the Drive Sustainability initiative aims to enhance the sustainability of the automotive industry by establishing responsible sourcing policies and promoting the sound management of exposure and emissions.

Solar Stewardship Initiative

The SSI is a solar-specific supply chain assurance scheme being designed to further develop confidence in how, where, and by whom, solar products are manufactured. This will mean businesses and consumers can trust that their solar products comply with international environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

Equitable Origin

Equitable Origin, an independent non-profit organisation that aims to protect people and the environment through equitable natural resource development, asked TDI Sustainability to help develop a group of online assessment tools – the EO Platform – to efficiently measure the performance of energy projects and suppliers.

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