Pharmaceuticals:Sustainability for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries

Enabling Change

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are at a critical juncture, grappling with key sustainability issues such as the urgent need to reduce plastic waste and establish systems of circularity, enhanced legislation and regulations and the imperative to tackle a huge and ever-accelerating carbon footprint.

TDi helps organisations throughout the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors pave the way for sustainable change. From our work in audit, risk mitigation and helping to ensure companies operate as ethically and responsibly as possible, to establishing initiatives and ESG standards that enable organisations across the whole industry to improve collectively, we have the tools and expertise to create lasting improvement.

Sustainability Priorities for the Pharmaceuticals Industry

The pharmaceutical and health service industries are currently facing a multitude of challenges around carbon emissions, the recycling of primary pharmaceutical packaging, and increased legislation demanding that organisations engage with sustainability issues.


Carbon Emissions

Globally, the carbon footprint of the pharmaceutical industry is greater than that of the auto industry. GHG emissions emitted directly from pharmaceuticals are estimated at 52 Mt CO2 equivalent per year. This figure does not take into account additional emissions through supply chain, distribution or storage, which include climate and energy-intensive activities such as refrigeration.

Waste and Circularity

Perhaps the most crucial topic is that of pharmaceutical packaging, which is a complex, multi-faceted problem that encompasses everything from waste reduction to patient safety. The trend towards increased use of plastic in pharmaceutical packaging, for instance, presents challenges related to waste management and recycling, as well as carbon footprint reduction.

Legislation and Reporting

Increased disclosure by firms around policies and commitments, usually highlighted through reporting and auditing processes. Continuous accountability from businesses highlights the importance of responsible sourcing in supply chains.

TDi’s Pharmaceutical Packaging Initiative: CiPPPA

TDi Sustainability is responsible for the coordination of the multiparty initiative, CiPPPA – Circularity in Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Accelerator – dedicated to reshaping the future of primary pharmaceutical packaging (PPP).



CiPPPA is a not-for-profit, industry-wide initiative with a mission to enable companies and members of the public to recycle their primary pharmaceutical packaging (PPP) waste with ease and assurance, thereby contributing to the elimination of waste, whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

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TDi Services for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries

TDi’s Services Supporting the Pharmaceutical Industry Include:

Audits, Assessments and Due Diligence

Our access to a global network of compliance professionals means we can cover all industries at all tiers of the value chain, from mine to retail. Learn more…

Supply Chain Mapping and Strategy Frameworks

Supply chain sourcing frameworks support organisations as they implement or improve the effectiveness of their due diligence across the value chain. Learn more…

ESG Risk Management

Our ESG Risk Management service provides tools and guidance for tracking, assessing and mitigating identified risks. Learn more…

Responsible Sourcing Research

Your customers, regulators, partners, investors and staff rightly want to know the who, what, why, where and when of the materials in your supply chain. Meeting those expectations requires global data gathering and incisive analysis. Learn more…

Communication Strategies and Technical Writing

All our futures depend on understanding how change is possible. The TDi communications team is here to help you get that message across with real impact. Learn more…

ESG Standards and Industry Initiatives

TDi Sustainability develops and delivers end-to-end programmes that support the reputation, growth and long-term sustainability of business. We’re more than just experts in setting standards, we’re visionaries – bringing initiatives to life from ideation to implementation, empowering whole industries to be their best. Learn more…

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