ImpactGoing further for a positive impact

Become an active part in the solution

Downstream companies are increasingly looking to create value through their sustainability efforts for local communities or environmental protection. This positive impact goes further than regulatory demands for operating or supply chain compliance.

Businesses recognise the need to play a prominent role in both acknowledging issues in their supply chain and becoming an active part in the solution. However, making that positive impact on the ground presents a challenge to organisations that lack the in-house expertise or local presence to meet their good intentions.

You need a strategic partnership with an organisation that understands how to turn aspirations into clear progress.

Beyond compliance to meaningful solutions

TDi Impact supports and empowers communities that are rich in natural resources, and delivers meaningful change through a range of strategic partnerships.

We work through The Impact Facility for Sustainable Mining Communities, our own global non-profit implementing arm that seeks to bring economic and environmental empowerment to artisanal and small-scale mining communities.

Our sister organisation Equitable Origin, an independent non-profit organisation that aims to protect people and the environment by promoting higher standards in energy development and empowering Indigenous Peoples in the South American region.

Co-founded by TDi with Fairphone and the Fairtrade Foundation, The Impact Facility takes an inclusive business-led approach, recruiting donor finance and impact investment capital to fund well-researched and well-organised projects that are designed to improve mine productivity across the board.

This, we believe, is the gateway to better working conditions and improved health and safety outcomes, both of which empower mining communities to break the cycle of poverty for good. Our mission is to provide mining communities with access to the technical assistance, markets, capital and equipment that enable the building of diverse local economies through viable and thriving small- and medium-sized businesses.