Supply Chain Mapping and Supply Chain Sourcing Strategy Frameworks

We support clients in developing robust, responsible supply chain mapping, sourcing framework and management systems.

Responsible Sourcing

Supply chain sourcing frameworks support organisations as they implement or improve the effectiveness of their due diligence across the value chain

Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaires

Supplier self-assessment questionnaires (SAQs) help organisations evaluate, manage, and communicate their ESG policies, practices, and performance. Addressing the issues highlighted in a company’s SAQ can help identify cost and operational efficiencies, including productivity benefits and innovation.

Our SAQ goes beyond the traditional scope of supply chain management – it acts as a ‘conversation starter’, facilitating discussions about sustainability risks within the supply chain.

Ultimately, the SAQ is part of a broader strategy to elevate your supply chain sustainability performance standards.

Supply Chain Engagement Tools

We create online self-assessment and due diligence tools to promote supply chain engagement, raise awareness of compliance requirements and promote the adoption of best practices.

Supply chain engagement tools encourages supply chain managers to engage with suppliers at every tier, enabling minerals and metals producers and manufacturers to communicate risk management practices and performance to downstream customers, while motivating businesses to identify best-in-class sustainability practices.

Responsible Sourcing Research

Bespoke methodologies, analytics and reports, alongside standardised profiles and indices for quick, actionable intelligence on supply chains, by company, by country, by material and by issue area. Learn more…