AuditLabour Agency and Subcontractor Audit Management

Labour Agency and Subcontractor Audit Management

Is your organisation facing challenges in ensuring the compliance of your subcontractors and labour agencies? TDi Sustainability provides a comprehensive service to manage the ever-increasing legal and ethical business standards for labour providers.

Our Solution

TDi Sustainability’s Labour Agency and Subcontractor Audit Management service focuses on more than just meeting the legal requirements within a country of operation. It provides our clients with a holistic view that can demonstrate compliance with all labour practices, including the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code as well as customer requirements. Our solution ensures that suppliers make a full assessment of the ethical standards of their labour providers and permanent on-site contractors before using their services. We can also perform a modern slavery risk assessment on your labour agencies ensuring all channels of risk such as recruitment, accommodation, processing and termination risks in your labour providers are assessed to international standards.

How We Can Help

You can trust TDi to deliver experienced and comprehensive audits that execute strict assessments of all labour providers, including worker interviews, site due diligence analysis and document inspections. We ensure suppliers can provide copies of every labour provider audit on request, indicating that all relevant legislation is complied with.