Community Engagement StrategiesCommunity Engagement Strategies

Our community engagement services offer comprehensive solutions to help organisations define their sustainability ambitions, build a business case, and develop a strategy that can align with stakeholder communities, while also taking into account the latest legislation, regulations, and sustainable initiatives.

TDi’s expertise extends to conducting thorough environmental and social due diligence, undertaking rigorous analyses, and providing robust training around sustainable business practices. We also assist with the auditing and data management aspects of community engagement, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable business legislation and legal requirements.

Building Social Acceptance

TDi helps companies build social acceptance through:

  • Stakeholder management plans
  • Social media and communication strategies
  • Community relations programmes and training
  • Social impact investment strategies
  • Local procurement programmes
  • Human rights initiatives
  • Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC)
  • Designing and implementing environmental initiatives
Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM): Engagement and DevelopmentArtisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM): Engagement and Development

TDi helps companies engage with artisanal mining by:

  • Partnering with The Impact Facility and Fair Cobalt Alliance
  • Identifying synergies and areas of collaboration
    Improving the productivity and profitability of ASM
  • Developing the skills and creating internal capacity at ASM sites
  • Building multi-stakeholder alliances between mines, local partners, and customers
  • Mobilising and managing SME grants and returnable investments to ASM

Foundations for Change

In collaboration with our sister organisations, The Impact Facility for Sustainable Mining Communities (TIF) and Fair Cobalt Alliance (FCA), TDi Sustainability helps companies build a relationship of co-existence and collaboration with Artisanal Scale Mining (ASM), to minimise conflict, and create a positive legacy by turning mineral wealth into prosperity for local communities.

Impact Facility

The Impact Facility

The Impact Facility is a UK-registered social enterprise and impact investment vehicle established in the context of growing downstream demand for responsible minerals and the persistent environmental and economic challenges facing small-scale mining businesses. Learn more…

Fair Cobalt Alliance

A multi-stakeholder action platform, the Fair Cobalt Alliance offers actors across the cobalt supply chain a pre-competitive environment for collaboration to help strengthen and professionalise DRC’s artisanal cobalt mining sector and contribute to local economic development at large. Learn more…

Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement

Engaging with local communities, especially Indigenous groups, can be complex and sensitive. Our community engagement services help organisations navigate this process while upholding legal regulations and respecting Indigenous rights.

Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement

We understand the cultural, social, and environmental nuances involved in establishing constructive dialogues based on trust and mutual benefit.


FPIC: Free, Prior and Informed Consent

The right to FPIC is a key principle of international human rights law to protect Indigenous Peoples’ livelihoods and territories and is therefore a requirement of many sustainability standards and international finance institutions.

We helped created the FPIC 360 tool to support FPIC activities. Find out more…

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