Case StudyResponsible Jewellery Council Certification Support

Wherever your business is on its journey towards obtaining a certification or independent verification, we can accompany you.

Business Challenge

Increasingly, gemstone and jewellery companies are looking into being recognized for their environmental, social and governance practises by obtaining certifications and/or getting independently verified.

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is one of the certification organisations covering the jewellery supply chain from mine to retail.

Many gemstone and jewellery businesses are small and medium-sized, family-owned or independent traders, who ask for our help in preparing them ahead of their RJC certification audit.

Approach and deliverables

Henig Diamonds

We worked with this London-based firm to train their employees for the RJC audit, rewriting many of their policies and procedures, and unravelling the compliance requirements for business partners for whom they sold diamonds but did not control the supply chain. Henig was approved for a three-year certification.

Eurocantera Mine

TDI worked with this unique small family-owned mining business in Honduras to comply with the RJC standards on their first attempt. We are proud to have helped Eurocantera get it ‘right first time’ and they passed the audit with a clean bill of health. Furthermore, Eurocantera was the first-ever RJC gold mining member to be fully Chain of Custody Certified, a factor in the successful business relationship it has built with the luxury French brand, Cartier.

Goldlake IP

An Italian-based small refiner seeking RJC Code of Practices and Chain of Custody for the first time reached out to TDI. As well as ensuring its legacy facilities in the gold town of Arezzo, Italy passed the scrutiny of RJC auditors without any issues, we assisted the company to be one of the first RJC members to achieve Chain of Custody. Goldlake IP was awarded the maximum length of certification in the RJC system.

Diamonds Direct

This busy New York based diamond dealer had a short timeframe in which to prepare for their RJC audit. We quickly delved into the heart of their organisation and marshalled their existing evidence and documentation. We prepared template documents and personnel training material and we carried out a mock-audit, highlighting any potential non-compliance points. We were delighted that their RJC audit was a complete success and they gained certification without any non-conformances.

Hear from our Partners

Goldlake Group

Daniela Colaiacovo, CEO

Assheton Carter and the TDI team have been a significant boost to our company, helping us achieve RJC certification – the first ever mine to have Chain of Custody certification – enabling our continuing business relationships with luxury brands and jewellers, and building our business through good times and bad. We would not work with anyone else.