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Move away from tick box due diligence

Companies are increasingly aware that their sourcing decisions can affect people and ecosystems located far from the markets where their products, parts and components are sold. There is a stronger imperative to ensure that the impacts associated with the manufacture of consumer products are positive, that any human rights abuses are eliminated, while negative environmental outcomes greatly reduced, or even better, avoided in the first place.

Meanwhile, supply chain sustainability is moving away from ‘tick box’ due diligence and compliance. Instead, companies are finding ways to to achieve positive impact through their purchasing decisions. This proactive approach leads to improved production practices and a measurable contribution to global development and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Supply chain risk and due diligence platform

Material Insights is a TDi Sustainability initiative that provides open access to vital information about materials sourced worldwide for commercial supply chains. Having launched in September 2021, this range of tools and resources allows companies big and small to make well-informed decisions which help create environmentally and socially responsible supply chains that are economically resilient too.

With sponsorship from RMI, Material Insights offers a one-stop-shop for responsible supply chain strategy development and due diligence implementation that fosters cross-industry collaboration and drives impactful production practices throughout the world.

Access Material Insights to learn how we can help actors in material supply chains to strengthen their due diligence and facilitate joint efforts to address sourcing risks.

What are the benefits of Material Insights?

  • Up-to-date, credible information on global ESG issues across more than 50 minerals and commodities
  • Information on mineral supply chain structure from extraction to recycling
  • National-level country risk profiles based on proprietary TDiSearch360 public reporting analysis
  • Contextualisation of complex supply chain issues through cross-commodity analysis for complex issues such as child labour, circular economy, recycling, etc
  • Overview of 50+ voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) as tools for risk management
  • Due diligence and data visualisation tools, and a repository for educational materials, including publicly available podcasts and webinars as well as third-party reports and literature.

Encouraging participation and collaboration

Material Insights is designed and built to enable participation of companies, NGOs, think-tanks, industry associations and government agencies irrespective of size: whether you are just starting out on your sustainability journey or already have a mature responsible sourcing programme.

The platform helps downstream and mid-tier companies in their pursuit of responsible sourcing practices, including electronics, appliance and automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, consumer facing brands, heavy industry, financiers and market traders and exchanges.

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James Hollins Auditing

James Hollins

Senior Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing, ESG Standards Audit Manager