Portfolio of sustainability tools

TDi Sustainability has developed a number of tried-and-trusted tools to help our customers and partners progress their sustainability journey. We use these practical applications ourselves across our work in strategy, research, audit and positive impact.

ESG Valuation Methodology

The ESG Valuation Report sets out a unique equity research valuation methodology for quantifying the investment risks associated with ESG-related allegations on ‘sin stocks’, focusing on companies operating in sectors with significant ESG contention, as reported in publicly available sources such as digital media, civil society or governmental reports, referred to as public issues. 

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Material Change

Material Change is a study of risks and opportunities for collective action in the materials supply chain of the automotive and electronics industries. Commissioned by Drive Sustainability and the Responsible Minerals Initiative, and produced by TDi Sustainability, the report presents a broad assessment of 37 materials used in these complex supply chains. The study recognises that businesses and entire industries working together can catalyse lasting change to improve peoples’ lives and reduce pressures on vulnerable ecosystems in resource-producing countries.

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Material Insights

Material Insights is a TDi Sustainability initiative sponsored by the Responsible Minerals Initiative that provides open access to vital information about materials that are sourced worldwide for commercial supply chains. This range of tools and resources allows companies big and small to make well-informed decisions as they create environmentally, financially, socially and ethically responsible supply chains. Visit the Material Insights website to find out more.

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Through TDiSearch360, we have created a cost-effective and reliable way to aggregate and monitor public reports and allegations regarding supply chain risk for more than 40 risk areas, derived from the benchmarking of more than 350 internationally recognised Voluntary Sustainability Standards. The tool marries the use of our proprietary data-scraping algorithm with the human analysis of a subject matter expert to produce high-quality due diligence and risk insight reports. TDiSearch360 is used for due diligence by our clients and institutions, including the OECD.

Alert Index for Responsible Sourcing (AIRS)

The Alert Index for Responsible Sourcing (AIRS) draws on established indices for country-level governance from a range of international organisations. The tool focuses on those aspects of governance – Conflict, Law, Human Rights and Environment – that are most relevant for companies seeking to source responsibly from each country and indicates how effective a country’s governance environment is for supporting this goal. The darker a country appears, the weaker its score and the more vigilant a sourcing company should be for potential sustainability issues in its supply chain.

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The TDi CAHRA (Conflict-Affected and High Risk Areas) Index is designed to support supply chain due diligence, and in particular “red flag assessment”, as described in the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. Measuring the prevalence of conflict, corruption and governance weaknesses, and shortcomings in human rights and labour rights, our index combines 11 indices published by international institutions and civil society bodies to grade the likeliness that a country could meet the OECD definition of a CAHRA as either high, moderate or low.

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