Case StudyEquitable Origin Platform

Business challenge

Equitable Origin, an independent non-profit organisation that aims to protect people and the environment through equitable natural resource development, asked TDI Sustainability to help develop a group of online assessment tools – the EO Platform – to efficiently measure the performance of energy projects and suppliers.

Approach and deliverable

The EO Platform is an online resource centre designed to enable energy companies, financial institutions, utilities and corporate energy purchasers to conduct performance assessments of energy projects and suppliers against a comprehensive and customisable range of environmental, social and governance indicators.

Specific tools and features allow users to:

  • Compare project and supplier performance against international standards and best industry practices for social and environmental impact management.
  • Integrate and streamline multiple standards and reporting requirements.
  • Manage and track action planning for continuous performance improvement.
  • Communicate sustainability performance to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Aggregate project performance on key indicators to evaluate changes in environmental impact such as deforestation and water quality.

Client benefits and broader industry impact

The EO Platform is designed to enable businesses to optimise performance by benchmarking industry best practices. It makes it easy for subscribers to communicate performance to multiple stakeholders, and it ultimately facilitates the continuous improvement of sustainability performance management in this sector.