Highlights from Pharmapack Europe and the Honeywell Customer Advisory Board

Maryam Babba, TDi’s Multi-stakeholder Manager and Lead Project Manager for CiPPPA, recently attended two significant events in Paris, France, to find out more about the current state of the primary pharmaceutical packaging (PPP) industry and to showcase updates and insights on the Circularity in Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Accelerator (CiPPPA) project. The events – Pharmapack Europe and Honeywell Customer Advisory Board conference – provided platforms to engage with industry leaders to discuss sustainable practices, innovation, and collaboration in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Highlights from Pharmapack Europe

  • Pharmapack Europe, organised by CPHI, gathered industry leaders to discuss sustainable practices in healthcare packaging.
  • CiPPPA utilised the event to network and collaborate with packaging and drug delivery professionals to drive circularity and sustainability in the primary pharmaceutical packaging (PPP) industry.
  • Thought-provoking sessions highlighted the need for environmentally friendly alternatives, measurable progress in sustainability, and the importance of collaboration and accountability to combat greenwashing.
  • The event shed light on the challenges and environmental impact of plastic blister packaging, urging the industry to engage with regulators for evidence-based decisions and explore more sustainable alternative.

Highlights from Honeywell Customer Advisory Board

  • The Honeywell Customer Advisory Board meeting provided a platform for Maryam to engage with industry stakeholders and influential leaders in the pharmaceutical packaging sector.
  • The event underscored the significance of collaborative efforts to address environmental challenges and innovate sustainable solutions in healthcare packaging.
  • Duncan Flack, Global Sustainability Lead at Honeywell and Chairman of CiPPPA, emphasised the initiative’s focus on action, industry-wide collaboration, and delivering recycling programs at scale.

Collaborative Events

Participation in these events was crucial for initiatives like CiPPPA as it facilitated valuable networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration opportunities within the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The events underscored the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation, aligning with CiPPPA’s mission to transform the management of primary pharmaceutical packaging and foster sustainable developments and partnerships within global supply chains. Interested individuals are encouraged to engage with CiPPPA to contribute to industry-wide transformation and environmental stewardship.

Maryam Babba

TDi Multi-stakeholder Manager and Lead Project Manager for CiPPPA

“My experience at these events went beyond a typical industry gathering – the events offered diverse activities, including learning labs, conferences, innovation centres, and workshops. Throughout the event, there was a strong emphasis on evidence-based decision-making and a call for collective industry action to address sustainability challenges and improve health outcomes. The event showcased groundbreaking designs and live pitches from innovative startups and facilitated meaningful group discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking. Additionally, the inclusion of innovative tours and live demonstrations made the overall experience an enjoyable journey of exploration into the industry’s progress and solutions.”

Next Steps

  • If you are interested in learning more about CiPPPA and its initiatives can reach out to Maryam Babba through LinkedIn or email.
  • Members who join CiPPPA can expect to participate in a project that aims to transform the management of primary pharmaceutical packaging, contributing to waste reduction and greenhouse gas emissions in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Interested parties can visit the CiPPPA website to learn more about the initiative, its milestones, and opportunities for collaboration and involvement.

About The CiPPPA Initiative

The Circularity in Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging Accelerator (CiPPPA) aims to revolutionise the management of primary pharmaceutical packaging, actively contributing to waste reduction and greenhouse gas emissions in the pharmaceutical industry. This not-for-profit, industry-wide initiative is led by a multi-stakeholder alliance, bringing together key participants across the pharmaceutical supply chain to develop sustainable solutions for reducing, collecting, reprocessing, and promoting circularity in pharmaceutical packaging.
CiPPPA operates with a focus on three essential functions: convergence, acceleration, and coordination of collaboration. By working in a pre-competitive setting and establishing funded Industry Action Platforms, CiPPPA aims to develop and deploy solutions for circular pharmaceutical packaging. The initiative has garnered significant support from industry players, reflecting a shared commitment to driving effective change through collective action.