Case Study

Molybdenum profile for supply chain due diligence and responsible sourcing


An analysis of ‘Molybdenum profile for supply chain due diligence and responsible sourcing’, produced in collaboration with the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA).

Given the increasing scrutiny of the environmental, social and governance implications of heavy industrial activities, particularly those involving large-scale mining, there was a need for a clear understanding of the impact on the molybdenum supply chain.  

The paper, produced by TDi Sustainability, aims to provide materials’ specifiers, standards-setters, steelmakers, manufacturers, and civil society organisations with guidance on the environmental, social and governance aspects of the supply chain, and the responsible sourcing standards, certifications and initiatives that are applicable to molybdenum. It gives everyone across the steel and wider non-ferrous metals industry quick access to relevant indicators for sustainable and responsible sourcing.

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