Partnership to Propel Global Common ESG Best Practice in the Lithium Industry

The International Lithium Association (ILiA) commissions TDi Sustainability to examine ESG and standards in the lithium industry

As the world moves rapidly towards greener transport and more efficient energy use and storage, the International Lithium Association (ILiA), the not-for-profit industry association representing the global lithium value chain, today announces a wide-ranging agreement with TDi Sustainability to explore standards and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in the lithium industry.

Highlighted by leading natural resources analyst Wood Mackenzie, the global demand for lithium could increase by six times between 2022 and 2040. This transition to lower-carbon transport and power will require a vast quantity of lithium and other materials to make the batteries of electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

ILiA’s core members account for approximately 75% of current global lithium production and are among the global leaders in transparent and responsible mineral production. “TDi Sustainability is ideally positioned to map the revised ESG issues landscape in the lithium value chain so we can propel the conversation with our members on the best practice for the industry going forward”, Founding Chairman Mr Anand Sheth said. “We have entered the ‘lithium century’ and the pivot to greener transport and more efficient energy use will be better for everyone. However, as we move towards that goal it is essential that the critically important lithium raw materials are sustainably produced”, he added.

This landmark project stems from ILiA’s vision to support the industry’s efforts to supply high quality lithium sustainably and responsibly, an effort which includes developing and sharing a clear understanding of the key issues in the lithium landscape so they can be addressed on a global level.

Mr Sheth explained, “As we move into the ‘lithium century’ it is critical that the essential raw materials are extracted from the Earth with minimal impact. TDi Sustainability will map the ESG issues in the lithium value chain and start the conversation with our members on best practice going forward”.

Dr Assheton Carter, CEO of TDi Sustainability said “We are thrilled to be working with ILiA on this important initiative. The profile of the lithium industry is rising rapidly and with that comes greater scrutiny on its environmental sustainability and social practices. It is imperative that customers and the public have accurate information about this mineral that is so critical for the green transition”.

For further information about ILiA please visit or contact:

Anand Sheth, Founding Chairman of ILiA [email protected] or +61 407 441 691

Roland Chavasse, Secretary General of ILiA [email protected] or call +44 7855 77244