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Arianna Fabri

Senior Analyst

Arianna has worked at various tech and logistics startups in New York City, where she focused on the optimization of the logistics processes in the e-commerce and freight brokerage spaces.

Aware of the impacts of logistics and, more broadly, of supply chain operations on a company’s environmental performance, she decided to deepen her understanding of supply chain management to support clients along their journey towards sustainability.

Her academic background in international affairs and her time at organizations such as the Clinton Foundation and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs have allowed her to develop a strong know-how on the social issues surrounding sustainability practices.

At TDI, she has been focusing on the mapping of the supply chains of key minerals and metal products to support the implementation of responsible sourcing and due diligence practices in the minerals and metals industries and on the development of learning resources and capacity-building material for the promotion of responsible sourcing and production practices in the gemstones and jewellery industry.

Arianna holds a BA in International Affairs from John Cabot University in Rome and a Master’s in Supply Chain and Procurement Management from the Politecnico di Milano MIP Business School.