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Barbara Kyling

Senior Analyst

Barbara believes that an interdisciplinary, collaborative and systemic approach is essential to address pressing socio-environmental challenges. At TDi Sustainability, Barbara is working as a sustainability analyst on a wide range of projects, assisting companies and organisations to drive informed decisions by integrating ESG risks and making a positive impact at multiple system levels.

Barbara’s curiosity for social, environmental, and development issues led her to specialise in environmental law and sustainable development in Chile. Her law degree and post-graduate studies in integrated water resource management (McGill University) allowed her to engage in diverse projects in Chile and abroad. While living in Chile, Barbara worked as a researcher in a sustainability consultancy firm focusing on sustainability reports and environmental impact assessments and declarations associated with the mining sector and as a junior associate attorney providing legal advice and litigation services in a variety of matters linked to civil, criminal, environmental and water law.

In 2019, Barbara was awarded a full CONICYT/ANID scholarship to study an MSc. in Environment and Resource Management at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After finishing her studies, Barbara joined NEWAVE-Next Water Governance as a communications and scientific events consultant and worked as a research assistant at the Water Security and Justice Cluster in the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute.

Barbara is currently based in Chile. She is fluent in Spanish and English and proficient in German.