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Maryam Babba

Multi-stakeholder Manager

Maryam Babba is an experienced multidisciplinary consultant with extensive expertise encompassing Applied Science, Clinical Research, and Drug Development.

She holds prestigious memberships and fellowships in esteemed institutions like the Higher Education Academy and various renowned scientific associations. Her research primarily centres on Safety Pharmacology and Biotechnology.

Maryam has a proven track record of effectively leading and overseeing projects across a wide spectrum of fields, including healthcare, advocacy, and international development. She excels in fostering team collaboration to innovate, instigate change, and attain corporate goals. Maryam is passionately dedicated to advancing equitable access and opportunities in areas such as education, community empowerment, social impact, and healthcare. She works on transforming TDi initiatives that have the potential for positive environmental and social impact across various sectors. Outside of work, Maryam enjoys reading, swimming, horse riding, cooking and travelling.