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Kristy Jooste

Content Specialist

Kristy is a storyteller and strategist from South Africa, specialising in creative content production, copywriting, journalism, script and comic writing. Kristy’s superpower is developing a short brief into every media format imaginable, including magazine features, infographics, illustrations, digital booklets, social media campaigns and video productions.

With her qualifications in Creative Writing, Journalism, TV Presenting and Videography, Kristy has worked as a Producer and Visual Director for global entertainment production companies, and business editorial magazines.

As an Editor, Kristy represented her African agricultural and investment readers through panel discussions and business development between investors and farmers. As a journalist, she has run numerous production operations within the writing and videography departments of her corporate publishing houses.

Kristy enjoys conversing with stakeholders of all industries and collaborating with government officials, celebrities, ministers and Fortune 500 CEOs.