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Rajalakshmi Gopalakrishnan

ESG Analyst

Rajalakshmi has dedicated most of her career to working in improving circularity in different waste streams in India and UK. 


Throughout her various positions, she has been responsible for ideation, strategising and execution of setting up sustainable systems to ensure circularity of waste streams by onboarding different stakeholders including manufacturers, government authorities, etc. Having a bachelor’s in information technology, she has always leveraged technology to trace, audit and improve processes in waste management. She has also been involved in GHG emission estimations and building SDG framework for waste management projects. 

Rajalakshmi holds a master’s in environmental impact assessment and Management from the University of Manchester (UK). She has also specialized on using tools like GIS in assessing the environmental impacts.  

Outside of work, Rajalakshmi enjoys singing, painting, hiking and cooking.