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James Hollins

Head of Data and Due Diligence

James has over 10 years of experience working in the fields of social systems auditing and human rights risk identification across third-party supply chains.

James has extensive experience working within and understanding the salient human rights risks in agricultural, manufacturing and fashion supply chains, as well as developing projects to mitigate and remediate these risks.

James has extensive experience developing tools to identify the precursors to exploitation, including child labour and modern slavery, creation of in-depth risk assessments and assessing responsible recruitment practises of third-party labour providers across value chains. James has conducted over 800 social systems audits extensively across Western Europe and North Africa and is an APSCA accredited auditor.

Alongside this, James holds a BSc in Environmental Science and MSc in Sustainability and is an experienced ISO 14001 environmental management systems auditor. He has extensive experience of environmental issues within supply chains and international best practices and developing companies’ environmental management systems.

James is a native English speaker.