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Kaki Comer

Senior Analyst

Kaki is a Virginia native who now resides in Durham, North Carolina. Previously a non-profit professional, Kaki has over five years of experience working on environmental policy and corporate sustainability issues.

She has worked at the World Trade Organization under the Agreement on Agriculture division in Switzerland and has spent several years living in Chile and travelling South America. Kaki is passionate about helping companies understand how they can contribute to climate change mitigation and positively impact the communities where they operate.

Kaki supports TDi’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and business sustainability projects and conducts research on the ESG performance of multinational, private sector companies in the extractives sector. She also works with Equitable Origin on Indigenous rights projects related to free, prior, and informed consent, including FPIC-360°. Kaki hopes to continue using her analytical skills to bring about change in the mining and extractive sectors.

Kaki holds a BS in sustainable development, BA in Spanish, and a Master’s degree in public policy from Duke University. At Duke, Kaki conducted her master’s thesis research on the enabling conditions of FPIC in the mining sector in Latin America.